The mission of our Alliance is to promote and facilitate quality education for all students particularly those of African American descent. Our goals are to establish a coalition of educators of African-­‐American descent and others involved in the educational process; to identify and develop teachers and others who will assume leadership positions; to foster the recruitment, development and retention of teachers; to develop funding streams for Alliance related programs and activities; to influence public policy; and to promote research and develop teaching and learning strategies.

More About Us

Meet Our Board Members

The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic direction and fiscal oversight of the MMABSE, while ensuring fulfillment of our mission.


The History by the Historian

The historian ensures that our heritage and legacy live on throughout many generations to come. Learn more about our history as transcribed by our historian.

About our Journey

The MMABSE has had many triumphant victories throughout our journey. We have identified momentous occasions from our history for our constituents to observe.

Our Focus

The MMABSE focuses on providing educational leadership, a platform for educators to exchange ideas, procedures, and policies while engaging educational institutions in the Milwaukee Area.

Let's Grow Together!

The National Alliance of Black School Educators and MMABSE affirm the inherent worth, dignity, and educability of African American people. MMABSE challenges forces that obstruct the achievement, development, and educational opportunities of youth and adults.